Could there be much which is less important?

Football? Really? So who is this guy, and why the theatre? Fake bank notes? They are all fake (they aren’t money!). I smell a faint whiff of Tavistock on this…

seppThe text reads:

“Disgraced FIFA president Sepp Blatter sensationally had a bundle of fake banknotes thrown over him by a comedian who gatecrashed his press conference in Zurich today. Englishman Simon Brodkin – also known as Jason Bent as well as Lee Nelson – calmly walked up to Blatter’s position behind a table at the front of the stage and placed a sum of money on the table and said: ‘This is for North Korea 2026’. He then turned to address the press while Blatter waved urgently at security guards to take him away before later announcing he would not stand for another term as FIFA president in the new elections.” Link

This is irrelevant, but if it keeps the masses believing that corruption is ever publicly dealt with… hey….

God Bless you