Forced medication – approved by Julie Burchill

I am not fond of Julie Burchill at the best of times, but to hear that she had lost her son to suicide was saddening, and then I read this in the Telegraph, and I quote [my empahsis added] (Link)

“The author Julie Burchill has told how she kicked her son out of her home over a row about drugs and had not seen him for a year before his suicide.

Burchill, who did not attend her “beloved, broken” Jack’s funeral, unveiled her regret at not trying harder to help the 29-year-old, who had battled mental illness.

In an article, which included a note written by her musician son describing how he had “lost the essence” of himself, Burchill urged the Government to pass a law forcing mentally ill people to take their medication.

Jack Landesman, whose father was Burchill’s second husband, the writer Cosmo Landesman, was found hanged from the back of his door on June 29. Burchill said she had been holidaying at the time.

A crack pipe was found with his body, but Burchill said: “I don’t blame drugs.”
“In my opinion, people with extreme mental health issues should be forcibly injected with the medication which helps them – screw human rights,” the author wrote in the Sunday Times Magazine piece.”

Drugs do NOT cure illness. They are NOT the answer to any emotional or phychiatric symptom. Being cut adrift from your family because you are on drugs is a big part of why this guy killed himself, and I’m sure that Julie feels guilty – however she was doing her best as a Mum to deal with a son who was taking drugs, and I don’t judge her actions. However, get your hands off other people’s lives! Your son didn’t take his meds? They wouldn’t have cured him of his illness – he needed something more than a drug.

Those who are suffering as her son did, already feel as though they have no power – to force medication on them on top of what life has already dealt them is absolutely shameful.

On top of that is the danger of misuse by the state – don’t like what someone is saying? Declare them mentally ill and forcibly medicate them. This sounds as barbaric and wrong as it is. It must not be allowed to happen.

God Bless you