A glimpse into the sewer, and a tribute to Mary Whitehouse

When I was a teenager, I recall seeing the face of that ‘battle-axe’ Mary Whitehouse on TV, ranting about the damage that television and the media were doing to young minds. I thought she was just crazy. I disliked her about as much as I disliked Margaret Thatcher – another battle-axe if ever there was one.

Well, I take it all back. I really do. I acknowledge after these thirty years have passed that what Mary Whitehouse warned about has not only borne it’s perverted fruit, but I wonder what that woman we all should have cherished at the time, would think of the internet of today. Let me give you a few headlines from the sewer (also known as Buzzfeed.com)


assclusive crop

You note the image in this last post is of a heterosexual couple – it’s still sodomy! It leads to demonisation and can ultimately lead to satan’s take-over of your life, increment by increment.

This is what satan’s agenda looks like – ‘think about sex and nudity all day. Don’t engage in what is going on, except superficially. Accept what we tell you about world events’

Some lovely quotes from Mary Whitehouse to give you a shudder of stark recognition:

“We shall raise a generation which either grasps at sex as a physical lust or treats it simply as a passing fancy, no more.”

Quite Contrary, 1993

“If women are most frequently shown as cheap, self-interested and superficial, such an image will come to be accepted as the norm”

Cleaning Up TV, 1967

“What is happening now is the inevitable sequel to the ridicule and destruction of moral values.”

Who Does She Think She Is, 1971

Isn’t it a bit depressing? Yet there has been an agenda at work to create a society in which it is impossible to discriminate – we have turned the word discrimination into a negative thing, when once it was considered the height of wisdom to be discriminating.

To discriminate is to make a choice based on your understanding – parents are now prevented from discriminating on the basis of evidence they have at their disposal, against vaccination, for instance. This lack of discrimination is an open door to doctrines the state says are anti-bias. They want to build consensus on many issues, yet this is done by simply shouting down any minority whose opinions don’t match the latest ideas of how we should live. This is what happened to Mary Whitehouse, a very brave and staunch Christian who was RIGHT – I know this now.

The introduction of technology has only accelerated the divide between parents and children, as youngsters rush ahead because they ‘know more’. Yet they have no WISDOM. Parents aren’t even aware of what their kids are being taught in many cases.

If you are a Christian, I urge you to buy a bible – a spare one. Keep it for the time to come (buy a boxful if you can afford to). When totalitarianism has gained it’s foothold, because of this drunken generation, you’ll suddenly find some who are ready to know the Lord.

God Bless you


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