Good videos for the weekend

I watched these two videos yesterday – Frank Hammond talking about gates through which demons enter into us and our lives. His points are really interesting, and in particular husbands and wives studying the bible together, and how that can bring up demonic activity that has to be dealt with – this is how we grow as Christians.

I also commend to you this article on couples praying together: Link I quote:

“Amy and I have prayed together almost every night for the past year. Yet, I know what will happen when I get in bed tonight. As I think that I should pray with Amy, I will then immediately feel a sense of discomfort and embarrassment, mixed with some laziness. Where do all those feelings come from? They certainly do not come from Amy. She loves it when I lead us in prayer. God would never lead me astray. Those are moments of spiritual attack from the enemy, who is desperate to do all he can to prevent Amy and me from coming before the Lord with one heart in prayer”

I know that exact feeling when I am with my OH. I have only heard him pray a couple of times, and I so love to hear him pray! Husbands and wives need to pray together to advance the Kingdom of God! As the writer of the above article goes on to state:

“Why is he so desperate to prevent my taking any role of spiritual leadership in our marriage? Because once that happens, our family begins to function with transformational spiritual power! Our marriage and our home become a threat to Satan and a dynamic ministry tool in the hands of God.”

Have a wonderful Sabbath!

God Bless you