Never join up – never follow orders

Never be a patriot. It’s that simple – that is the message that the jailing of Oskar Groening must mean. (Article at Link)

GroeningThis poor old man, a man who joined up, who followed orders, will now probably die in prison for acts which took place in war time.

So my message to you is this – never be patriotic. Never see an enemy where you might see another human. Switch off the TV, so you can’t be propagandised into believing you have a human enemy (you only have one enemy in war time, and that’s the banker Rothschild and his cronies). Never submit to take up arms for your country. Never fight – be a conscientious objector always, because no matter what, if your side loses, and you live, you will never be free.

I hope you will pray for Oskar Groening – he was a book keeper in a concentration camp. Whatever his views at the time (even if he wholeheartedly supported what was going on) those views were based on lies he was told by a certain Adolf Hitler.

Propaganda is how the elites get their dirty work done.

God Bless you