Jade Helm is Sabot-age of the American way of life

Sabot-age? Can’t I spell? I can, but the one missing theme in everything I have read about Jade Helm is that ghostly shoe in the middle of the logo. Take a look:


See it? You’re meant to miss it, but because of the game the elites are playing, they have to put it in there – it’s a sign to those who know, I guess. I asked my other half about the ghostly wooden shoe, and his immediate reaction was ‘That’s a Sabot – the root word for sabotage’ – when those who worked in factories threw their sabot shoes into the machinery, it was a very effective form of sabotage (as we think of the word today).

So the US military are going to be used to sabotage the American way of life – and you note the southern states which are part of Jade Helm – there is a race war being fomented there. And don’t forget the Charleston false flag shooting. And don’t forget the now effective banning of one of the symbols of the south – the confederate flag. Only yesterday the NAACP called for Stone Mountain carvings to be sand blasted off! Link And don’t forget the border being left wide open – how many Mexicans with afiliations to LaRaza have streamed across – and they haven’t even asked the people of these states whether this influx is OK with them! Oh no.

This is deliberate – can you see it any other way?

I predict that Jade Helm will ‘go live’ and I predict that it won’t end in September, but will become a military, multi-national, occupying force with UN troops leading it. The south has become a tinder box for inter-racial violence – little to these people know – both sides – that falling into this kind of violence is exactly what this government wants to advance it’s agenda. Without decades of propaganda, would these people hate each other? Wel in fact mostly the whites don’t seem to hate the blacks at all, but the blacks sure do hate the whites, and are very vocal about it. Yet in the media only whites can be racist.

white people

Watch the trailer here: Link

Jade Helm begins today – pray for America under Obama – the wolves are running the hen house.

God Bless you



2 thoughts on “Jade Helm is Sabot-age of the American way of life”

    1. That’s an interesting question – the military often seem to have logos for things, and I don’t know the origin of that one. It looked very amateurish, but I suspect it did what it was meant to do, which was wind up, and distract, the American people. They are doing the exercise again this year? Jade Helm 2016? Is that right? If so, then something did happen – the American people were introduced to covert military in their communities last year – how long before that becomes normal in the US?

      The whole thing could be a huge psyop – and as that it was effective. 😦


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