Homosexuality – tolerance leads to suffering

Homosexuals make up just 3% of the population – yet they have overturned God’s Law. I do not hate gay people – I once years ago had four gay men as my very best friends – and they were great fun to be around, however, I can tell you from experience that they encourage promiscuity; they have a resentful spirit towards many in society. They seek to undermine the common bonds of our tradtitional way of living as a way to justify and gain credibility for their own actions – and I’m talking about the WORLD’s way of living, say twenty years ago, not the biblical way of  living.

My message to you today is that we must be aware that the very same spirit which is in these homosexuals is now in the heterosexual community at large. Sodomy is now practiced by more straight people in the world than gay. Sodom is truly upon us, and it is not exclusive to the gay community by any stretch of the imagination.

We need to be aware, as few are, that America and other western nations who allow gay marriage are only heaping God’s judgement on themselves – but they transgressed His Laws long ago. In the UK, we legalised homosexuality and abortion in the same year – 1967. The US was slower to legalise this, but you have been under judgement a long time. The judgement is coming to fruition now, because you are being made to reap what you have sown. You sowed the seeds of homosexual marriage when you legalised homosexuality. Now that you have legalised homosexual marriage, you are heading for the outlawing of your own churches. You stood by and allowed this – all in the name of tolerance and ‘love’.

Tolerance leads to suffering. Let’s do a word look up in the dictionary:

Tolerance: n. early 15c., “endurance, fortitude,” from Old French tolerance (14c.), from Latin tolerantia “endurance,” from tolerans, present participle of tolerare “to bear, endure, tolerate” (see toleration ).

Suffer: v. early 13c., “to be made to undergo, endure” (pain, death, punishment, judgment, grief), from Anglo-French suffrir, Old French sufrir, from Vulgar Latin *sufferire, variant of Latin sufferre “to bear, undergo, endure, carry or put under,” from sub “up, under” (see sub- ) + ferre “to carry” (see infer ).

We have chosen to tolerate – endure the actions of others who are breaking God’s Laws. Now we are suffering – the church is now forced by the majority viewpoint and is ‘made to undergo, endure’ a society which is against God and His followers.

Aren’t we supposed to have compassion though? Let’s look at the original dictionary meaning of the word:

Compassion: n. mid-14c., from Old French compassion “sympathy, pity” (12c.), from Late Latin compassionem (nominative compassio) “sympathy,” noun of state from past participle stem of compati “to feel pity,” from com- “together” (see com- ) + pati “to suffer” (see passion ).

The homosexuals were suffering (made to undego, endure) their illegal status, and we developed compassion for them (to suffer together – feeling sympathy), and we then chose to force everyone to tolerate them (endure), and made homosexuality legal. We quite simply broke God’s Law. Little did we realise that they would take over our media, the movie and TV industries, and encourage ‘choice’ in everything, and every aspect of life. Now we are the ones who are suffering – we are made to undergo, endure. The churches are still full of compassion, and in the United States churches are changing their constitutions to allow for homosexual marriage in church. Next will be the destruction of our churches, as we are forced to assent to marry homosexuals in our churches – by LAW – the law of man, which has taken the place of the Law of God.

This UK same sex couple sued in 2013 for the ‘right’ to marry in their vilage church. Read the article here: Link I quote:

“It is a shame that we are forced to take Christians into a court to get them to recognize us. It upsets me because I want it so much—a big lavish ceremony, the whole works…” […] “As much as people are saying this [law] is a good thing, I am still not getting what I want.”

I can only assume that they didn’t win, but how much longer will this continue? The US is likely to fall first by the looks of things – then how much longer can any church stand against this crime against God!

Disobedience to God brings us to emotionality which has led us to abandon God’s Law because we are too kind, too tolerant, and now we are suffering!

God knew this would happen, which is why He made those laws in the first place. He knew the consequences, so that we wouldn’t have to. However, instead of simply obeying, we reasoned away His Laws – ignoring Yeshua’s clear instructions about keeping the Law. Just in case you missed my post on this, it’s here: Link

Now we are reaping.

The harvest must be counted all joy – according to Paul – but there is much suffering to come.

God Bless you