Almost one in seven Dutch people are now euthanised

Are you horrified by that? I am. So is one of the doctors who originally supported the law allowing physician assisted suicide in the Netherlands. I quote:

“Euthanasia is now becoming so prevalent in the Netherlands, Professor Boer said, that it is ‘on the way to becoming a default mode of dying for cancer patients’.

He said assisted deaths have increased by about 15 per cent every year since 2008 and the number could hit a record 6,000 this year.

He said he was concerned at the extension of killing to new classes of people, including the demented and the depressed, and the establishment of mobile death units of ‘travelling euthanasing doctors’.

[…] Professor Boer admitted he was ‘wrong – terribly wrong, in fact’ to have believed regulated euthanasia would work.

‘I used to be a supporter of the Dutch law. But now, with 12 years of experience, I take a very different view.

‘Whereas in the first years after 2002 hardly any patients with psychiatric illnesses or dementia appear in reports, these numbers are now sharply on the rise.

‘Cases have been reported in which a large part of the suffering of those given euthanasia or assisted suicide consisted in being aged, lonely or bereaved.

[…] The latest euthanasia figures for the Netherlands show that nearly one in seven deaths are at the hands of doctors.”

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So let me get this straight:

Doctors administer poisons to us as Pharmakeia. They are the abortionists (that means they kill 1.05 MILLION babies a year in the United States alone). They cause death by medication, mistakes, complications, unnecessary procedures, neglect and so on, which according to Gary Null equates to 783, 936 deaths a year in the US!

Gary NullYou can read the full report here (direct link to the document) Link

When will Christians wake up and take notice? The medical profession is an arm of the Roman System – the Knights Hospitaller being the root of our word hospital today.

Our Great Physician is Yeshua – let us go to Him FIRST for healing, and ask what we need to do to be well.

When it comes to dying, God created a process of dying, just as He created a process of birth. To avoid that is to avoid what He gave you through it – doing things His way is surely the only way to be blessed by Him.

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God Bless you



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