Promoting narcissism – a MSM contribution to the NWO agenda

The mainstream media are at it again – promoting the single life to women, as if this is an excellent ‘choice’. When you’ve been propagandised into believing something is good, is it any longer a choice that you follow it? I don’t think it is.

I spoke to a dear friend recently and pointed out to her that the planet is not over-populated, and her response was something like this ‘No, but it’s resources aren’t enough.’ – I was flabbergasted – she has swallowed the lie the media have told her. I wonder what it would take for her to believe that that is a lie too. We’re being inculcated with this nonsense, and here’s a prime example. A woman called Kate Bolick, who thinks, because she ended relationships before marriage that she is a spinster. She has a boyfriend. Her whole article is there to big-up spinsters of earlier genertions who we can all admire for their autonomy, apparently. I quote her:

“Being single is like being an artist, not because it’s an art form, but because it requires the same close attention to one’s singular needs, as well as the will to fulfil them. Just as the artist arranges her life around her creativity, sacrificing conventional comforts so that her talent thrives above all else, so a single person has to think hard to decipher what makes her happiest and most fulfilled. 

[…] I had no idea that writing and living alone would be so difficult. In the fantasy life I shared with five women writers from the last century, and whom I had found so inspiring [see below], I was confident and optimistic. But in my actual life I was hopelessly unsure and often lonely.”

You can read the full article here: Link

Well there’s a surprise – unsure and lonely. Her comments throughout the article are those of an entrenched narcissist whose relationship to life is based on her relationship to herself – her view of herself and her needs must be clear at all times. Nothing must get between her and herself. It’s a good read if you want to know the agenda we are being trained to accept.

What do you think that social media is there for? To create greater levels of narcissism within the population as a whole. This makes us very brittle, very vulnerable, it makes us reject God (unless you’re talking about the New Age god, which we are told we in fact are becoming). It makes us believe that what we think we want we should be allowed to have (so we can expect a lot more varying stories along the theme of Rachel Dolezal).

One of the reasons I’m writing this is because this viewpoint is expressed even in churches today – not the narcissim quite so much on show, but the same issue in effect – that is to say, a woman at my previous church giving a talk to a relationship based group saying that she didn’t do relationships anymore because she saw herself bending to the man too much, and losing herself. It’s called cleaving (I didn’t stand up and say that, maybe I should have done!)

God made men and women for each other – women are the help-meet God made for every man. God has a plan for us, which is to learn to think less of ourselves, and more of others. This NWO Agenda seems to turn that on it’s head. It has to to divide us – united we stand, divided we fall.

If you’re single right now, start thinking of ways to find a good partner for the coming time of trouble – they’ll need to be strong, honest and dependable. Ask God to bring you someone who is right for who He wants you to be, not necessarily who you are right now.

God Bless you



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