Slavery and ‘white privilege’

Can you tell me what ‘white privilege’ is?

Go on, please tell me, I would love to know. Is the white who works a job, pays taxes and ultimately doesn’t own a thing (not even their house) more privileged than a black who does the same?

You think people own things? Let me disabuse you of that notion – try not paying your bills and see what you truly own – nothing – it can all be taken from you. Is your car registered with the DVLA? Then it can also be taken away – because you don’t own it – you’re just the keeper. But I digress….

The white and the black person in the above scenario are both slaves to the system – to the banks and to the so called masters that they elected on that fine day when they thought their vote might change something.

I think this idea of the hard-done-by black comes from the belief that they were the only slaves. But I’m here to tell you that that is not just a lie, it’s a convenient lie – because you can’t have a race war if both sides know they were (and still are) slaves!

Some of the first slaves in the United States were white slaves. Here’s an excerpt from an excellent piece on the subject (you can read the full article here: Link):

“The Random House Dictionary of the English Language defines servitude as “slavery or bondage of any kind.” The dictionary defines “bondage” as “being bound by or subjected to external control.” It defines “slavery” as “ownership of a person or persons by another or others.”

Hundreds of thousands of Whites in colonial America were owned outright by their masters and died in slavery. They had no control over their own lives and were auctioned on the block and examined like livestock exactly like Black slaves, with the exception that these Whites were enslaved by their own race. White slaves “found themselves powerless as individuals, without honor or respect and driven into commodity production not by any inner sense of moral duty but by the outer stimulus of the whip.” (Beckles, White Servitude, p. 5).

Upon arrival in America, White slaves were “put up for sale by the ship captains or merchants… Families were often separated under these circumstances when wives and offspring were auctioned off to the highest bidder.” (Foster R. Dulles, Labor in America: A History, p. 7).

“Eleanor Bradbury, sold with her three sons to a Maryland owner, was separated from her husband, who was bought by a man in Pennsylvania.” (Van der Zee, p. 165).

White people who were passed over for purchase at the point of entry were taken into the back country by “soul drivers” who herded them along “like cattle to a Smithfield market” and then put them up for auction at public fairs. “Prospective buyers felt their muscles, checked their teeth… like cattle…” (Sharon Salinger, To Serve Well and Faithfully, Labor and Indentured Servants in Pennsylvania, 1682-1800, p. 97).

“…indentured servants were sold at auction, sometimes after being stripped naked.” (Roediger, p. 30). “We were… exposed to sale in public fairs as so many brute beasts.” (Ekirch, p. 129). […]

Those Whites for whom no buyer could be found even after marketing them inland were returned to the slavetrader to be sold for a pittance. These Whites were officially referred to as “refuse” and “lumps”: “Unloading large numbers wholesale, called ‘lumping,’ was generally a last resort that yielded smaller rewards.” White slaver James Cheston wrote to his partners, ‘The servants go off slower than I expected… I shall try them a few days longer in the retail way and then lump the remainder.

“Large-scale purchasers generally retailed servants farther inland…. ‘They drive them through the country like a parcel of sheep until they can sell them to advantage,” wrote White slave John Harrower.

The Virginia Company arranged with the City of London to have 100 poor White children “out of the swarms that swarme in the place” sent to Virginia in 1619 for sale to the wealthy planters of the colony to be used as slave labor. The Privy Council of London authorized the Virginia Company to “imprison, punish and dispose of any of those children upon any disorder by them committed, as cause shall require.” (Emphasis supplied).

The trade in White slaves was a natural one for English merchants who imported sugar and tobacco from the colonies. Whites kidnapped in Britain could be exchanged directly for this produce. The trade in White slaves was basically a return haul operation.

The operations of Captain Henry Brayne were typical. In November of 1670, Capt. Brayne was ordered to sail from Carolina with a consignment of timber for sale in the West Indies. From there he was to set sail for London with a load of sugar purchased with the profits from the sale of the timber. In England he was to sell the sugar and fill his ship with from 200 to 300 White slaves to be sold in Carolina.”

Let me say again – you are a slave now – your masters just give you freedom to earn money where you can or where you choose and you are taxed on your labour – you are not free, whether black or white.

The United States has deliberately fostered a culture of division by defining blacks as separate, and by encouraging them to feel that separateness. The whites, in turn, have been fed a different narrative by the government, and have flourished more because of it.

Here’s a great quote from Melissa Dykes (read the full article here: Link)

“Now the point is that specific events are being jumped all over by the media and thrown into a growing tinderbox they keep repeatedly lighting up to push this idea that #BlackLivesMatter and this is a race issue instead of #AllLivesMatter and this is a police state, police brutality issue.

We live in a country where cops kill an average of more than TWO PEOPLE A DAY. These people are black, white, Mexican, Asian, old, young, handicapped. It’s anybody and everybody. In modern America we are occupied by a highly militarized police force that will conduct no-knock SWAT raids for pretty much any reason or strip search a person on suspicion of any crime.

That’s the police state we ALL live in. It affects EVERYONE.

It’s not a “war on drugs,” or a “war on crime,” or even a war on a specific sect of the population.

It’s a war on all of us.”

It’s time to stop this false division, because the fight we fight is real – and it is a spiritual battle. God is one side, and satan is the other. You must choose now who you will fight for – and a race war fostered by false history isn’t a battle worth fighting.

God Bless you



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