I love this…. yet I hate to be the bearer of bad news

Mr Rothschild's piggy bank

I’m sorry, lovely person who started this fund raiser for Greece – you are awesome by the way, really – it’s just that you’re basically creating a tip jar for Mr Rothschild and his banking cronies, who are charging Greece 22% interest on the money they owe. This is outrageous, of course, but these are the rules.

You on the other hand, are already a debt slave for the UK’s debt. Debt which is owed to Mr Rothschild and his banking cronies.

We need to end the banking system of usury, not feed it with our generosity which is really aimed at PEOPLE, and not these banks at all.

The Greeks are going to need your money – find a way to give it to the people, and you will have done something amazing.

God Bless you