Is it a coincidence…

….that Rachel Dolezal, who is a talented artist, has had her work displayed at the UN headquarters? She is now advancing an agenda to burr lines between races, by claiming that she is ‘Trans-racial’.

I quote her:

“I’m trans-racial, my son’s trans-racial, my roommate is African American,” Dolezal told the Press.

Click this link to read more about her story if you haven’t heard about her yet.

We know there is an agenda, and many have said this agenda is a homosexual agenda, but I think it’s far more than that – it is designed to blur all lines – weaken all stances. Take a look at the following screen grabs:

trans crop

Hmmm… interesting adornments there, Google… Let’s try another….

homo crop

Ok… let’s try one last one….

hetero crop

Ah, yes… I get it now – let’s make homosexuality attractive – let’s make transgender attractive – the agenda here is in full view of everyone who cares to notice it.

It is not a coincidence. It may be sub-conscious, but it is not a coincidence – the devil is very busy and he’s winning.

Please share this post, and also watch the following video – interesting aspects of the agenda are clearly visible here:

Perhaps I am too cynical…

Perhaps I’m not cynical enough….

God Bless you



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