David Icke Debunked

You might think that David Icke is someone you don’t need to know about, right? I mean he’s just this guy with some weird ideas about the royal family…

Well, what David is ‘preaching’ – and I can’t think of any better word for what he does in his seminars – is straight out of the New Age. It perfectly clarifies for us the pincer movement going on.

For years I watched the mainstream media, and I thought some of what they said was true. Then after a while I started getting interested in alternative news sites, and then I realised there was a pincer movement going on. Whichever way you went they were trying to get you to fear someone or something. This is disempowering, and in fact unbiblical! We have authority in the name of Yeshua! We are overcomers!

So I really recommend you watch this whole presentation about David Icke – it is the best and most complete explanation of the New Age and it’s deception I think I have found. It also perfectly illustrates that whether you watch the mainstream media or the alternative – watch out for the spiritual message being preached – you will find it is predominantly New Age.

God Bless you