Images, symbols and oppression from the devil

When we think of images which offend God, we think mostly of graven images, don’t we? We think of images of gods or things designed to be set upon an altar and worshipped. The thing is that any image can be a problem when we don’t know it’s significance.

I was browsing for a bag the other day and came across this listing on ebay.

Look at the images depicted here – they look harmless enough, don’t they? I wish I could tell you there was nothing to worry about there, but these images have meaning which is hidden (occult).

Butterflies are a symbol for mind control and trance states used to achieve it. They are now very popular in ladies accessories and clothing. If you want more information on the programming, just look up Monarch mind control.

Then there’s the owls – cute aren’t they? Innocent enough? No – the owl is not only a night bird (and an unclean one at that), it’s also a symbol related to the god Molech, worshipped at Bohemian Grove in California…

Then there’s the peace symbol – this is found very commonly in costume jewellry, as you can see here from Matalan in the UK. This time it’s coupled with the all seeing eye (satanism) and the hamsa hand – again these are not appropriate things for a Christian to have. What’s the significance of the peace symbol? I mean we are ALL FOR peace, right? Yes we are, undoubtedly.

The problem is that satan is cleverer than you, and he knows that if he can get you to wear HIS symbol then he has a legal right to harrass you, and oppress you. Yikes. How is this symbol his, you ask? It is the broken cross from satanism.

In satanism, to be initiated, you are given a cross which you are to turn upside down, and then with your foot break the arms of the cross back down to the floor. This make the crow’s foot shape we see in the circle.

We must be incredibly careful to view all images with suspicion – ANY image that has been used as part of satan’s worship (any symbol from another faith) is a legal right when you wear or carry it, for satan and his demons to harrass and oppress you, even if you don’t recognise it’s significance.

If you were to put on a police uniform, you would know that you were not a police officer, and the harrassment you got in the form of requests for help from the public would make a lot of sense to you (not to mention your arrest!). But when we wear symbols which belong to satan, we are oppressed, and we don’t know why because we do not recognise the significance of those symbols. We become innocent victims.

No images is the safest way, and no symbols. Maybe florals are ok?!

God Bless you.


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