The economics of sex, and the Harem spirit

Oh boy this is a serious subject – I could write loads on this, but these two amazing videos say almost everything I could ever wish to say.

I will add a personal note. In my time I have made mistakes. Before I knew God, I had had a really painful time around relationships. I wish I had been less motivated by the propaganda which surrounded my thirties, and by the gay men I was friends with at the time. These influences and my own belief in my ‘invincibleness’ lead to catastrophic relationships. Only God has healed that pain, and only trust in Him has brought me into a relationship at last!

My advice – if you want a relationship with a man, ladies, do not advance your genitalia as a down-payment on that relationship. He will not respect you if you do. In fact he won’t marry a girl who is easy – he wants what he can’t have, and he wants most of all what is genuine, feminine and modest. Hold back, get to know him, and trust in God. You do not need to audition sexually for the part of Mrs So-and-So.

Please forward this post to everyone you know who has teenage daughters. Save them from the grief of painful relationships.

God Bless you