Geoengineering is the biggest threat to humanity right now…

There are ‘scientists; out there who would have you believe that man has caused global warming, and that therefore man must ‘fix’ global warming. Let’s not hide here the agenda which goes along with that premise – mankind is bad, and population is too high.

That’s a subject for a whole other post, but here I’ll tackle what is being done by man to fix the mess man has supposedly made. Geoengineering.

Geoengineering is the deliberate use of sprayed particles in the atmosphere to reflect sunlight. When I first started noticing these trails some ten years ago, they were something we had far less understanding about. We didn’t know the ‘why’. We used to call them chemtrails – we knew something was wrong with these trails – they aren’t like contrails, they don’t disappear.

Now we have a better idea – that this is an experimental science which is poisoning the whole earth in order to cool it. By the way it doesn’t cool the planet. That is an error.

They are using barium, aluminium and sulpher compounds to achieve this.

Here is my video of a ‘chemtrail’ sky over my house on the 11th May:

Here’s a video of Rosalind Peterson talking to the UN about geoengineering and persistent contrails:

Here’s a video of a climate ‘scientist’ being bugged about whether he did indeed say that he’d talked about whether clouds could be weaponised:

Make up your own minds, but remember these facts:

A problem called Oak die-back or decline has been noticeable in the UK for over a decade.

Horse Chestnut trees are showing signs of stress, caused by a leaf miner which leaves them brown by mid-summer.

Now Ash trees are being hit by a mysterious bug that kills them – a fungus.

These are plants under stress – any gardener will tell you that a stressed plant is the one that succumbs to diseases and pests.

Don’t wait until our food crops start failing before you wake others up to this state-sanctioned menace. Please share this post!

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