Carla Butaud interview with Sheila Zilinsky

I highly recommend this interview, and in fact all of Carla’s interviews with Sheila Zilinsky, which you can find by searching Sheila’s archived podcasts.

There is hope for healing, and there is AUTHORITY in Yahshua (Jesus). These interviews with Carla are packed with information to equip you for the battle!

God Bless you!



6 thoughts on “Carla Butaud interview with Sheila Zilinsky”

  1. Carla, I have heard you and I believe you are blessed by the Lord in this deliverance ministry. I have a very dear friend who is demonized. She has had a partial deliverance on her own and the demons manifested in deep sounds in her throat and vomiting fluid. But she is not free yet. I would like to know if you might be able to help her. She doesn’t trust many church people, for her own reasons, but she loves the Lord Jesus and only wants to live for Him. She prays and prays for deliverance but her family history is full of things we don’t know how to deal with. We’ve used prayers, etc. If you would be able to speak with her, or email her, would you kindly let me know at Grammy 7.carol@gmail com. I would really appreciate it. I am praying for some way to help her. God bless you and your ministry. I also have a WordPress site at, but Mr email would be the better way to contact me. Thank you so much. Blessings


      1. Oh dear, thank you for letting me know. I don’t see a way to contact her on that website. I uae to have her email but when my phone crashed I lost it. Thanks for your response, though. God bless your ministry!


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